• Red Rider

    Enjoying a rest with the Red Rider in the morning sand.

  • Day at the Beach 08 25 18

    Plein Aire Painting on Canvas

  • Day at the Beach 07 29 18

    Plein Aire Painting on Canvas

  • Skipjack

    The wind pulls the classic oysterboat with the grace of times past.

  • Day at the Beach 07 01 18

    Plein Aire Painting on Canvas

  • Day at the Beach 06 30 18

    Plein Aire Painting on Hardboard

  • Relaxing

    Sometimes relaxing involves only a breeze, waves, and funny birds.

  • Path View

    Take a stroll to your favorite spot in the warm sand and enjoy the sunrise.

  • Garden View

    It's a great view to watch the umbrellas blossom on a warm summer day.

  • Circle of Light

    The lighted wheel beckons for the a peaceful view above the sea and the boardwalk.

  • Gone Fishing

    The simple act of fishing provides and incredible sense of peace and calm, and occasionally dinner.

  • Heart of the Sea

    The relentless waves hit the shore with calming spray and whitewater.

  • Day at the Beach 06 24 17

    Plein Aire Painting on Hardboard

  • Inlet Dune

    What a great view when you walk to the end of the island and it's only you, the sand and the sea.

  • Sparkling Mist

    Hazy days still roar with the sound of waves and sparkles of reflection.

  • Ski Beach Paddlers

    Unwinding on the water at the end of the day is great way to start the evening.

  • Sunset Serenade

    As the sun sets, the orchestra begins to warm up, and the light show begins.

  • Standing Tall

    Lighthouses are standing proudly, protecting our shores and helping sailors since the beginning.

  • Curls

    A new way to enjoy curls.

  • Act One

    Everyone shows up for the opening act of the day.

  • Bridge To Summer II

    The bridge is new but the memories are timeless.


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latest works

Upcoming Events

Visit these upcoming events to see more of the artwork!

2018 Spring Celebration of Arts and Crafts

Ocean City Music Pier, Ocean City, NJ

Ocean City Spring Block Party

Asbury Ave., Ocean City, NJ

Yesterday's Art and Music Fest

Yesterday's, Marmora, NJ

Art In the Park

Kennedy Park, Somers Point, NJ

Promenade Art Show

Cape May Boardwalk, Cape May, NJ

Viking Village Art Show

Bayview Ave, Barnegat Light, NJ

55th Annual Boardwalk Art Show

Ocean City Boardwalk, Ocean City, NJ

Viking Village Art Show

Bayview Ave, Barnegat Light, NJ

Lavalette Founders Day

Lavalette Bayfront, Lavalette, NJ

Margate Fall Funfest by the Bay

Amherst Ave, Margate NJ

Ocean City Fall Block Party

Asbury Ave., Ocean City, NJ

2018 Holiday Celebration of Arts and Crafts

Ocean City Music Pier, Ocean City, NJ

Santa's Viking Christmas Village

Barnegat Light, NJ

Crafts at Christmas

Cape May Convention Hall, Cape May NJ

about the artist

The coastal experience is like none other when it comes to recreating the sense of light and color. The endless combinations of sun, clouds, sand, and waves meld to make a continuously changing visual model that evokes a sense of relaxation and comfort. It is my ambition to recreate these visual sensations to be enjoyed all year, whether near the coast or far inland. While on the beach, the bay, or the boardwalk, I am constantly amazed at the reflections of light and ever-changing pallet of colors to capture and as an endless source of inspiration.


Rick Lang was originally educated in marine sciences along the New Jersey coast. He spent years traveling the American coastline on various marine fisheries and coastal projects to restore and maintain our coastal resources. Mr. Lang incorporates the colors from the lush greens of the Pacific Northwest to the soft coral of southern Florida that he admired during his travels along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. During that time, Mr. Lang acquired and honed his skills in translating the scenery around him to canvas. Being fortunate enough to be in so many fantastic coastal places, Mr. Lang developed a style that captures the vibrant colors, light and feel of the coastal community. In 1991, Mr. Lang moved to the Midwest where he became involved in research and technology. But he continued to maintain his passion for coastal experiences. In 2003, Mr. Lang returned to coastal New Jersey with a stronger passion for painting. Mr. Lang’s paintings are created to allow the ‘shore experience’ to be enjoyed throughout the entire year. His works allow the viewer to immerse themselves in views carefully recreated to be familiar and comforting. Mr. Lang currently resides in Marmora, NJ. He can be contacted by e-mail at RLang@SandAndWaves.com.

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